Ship Center -- Coming Soon!

The iNdorStor Ship Center is convenient, simple, and more than just shipping.  Browse professional grade shipping supplies, prepare your package for shipping, and pick up your parcel packages directly from iNdorStor- all at one convenient location!

Shipping Supplies

iNdorStor offers a full line of professional quality packing and shipping supplies designed to protect your packaged goods from transit damage.  Once you've purchased shipping supplies, feel free to stick around and finish the job.


iNdorStor values experience, dedication, and reputation.  When you use iNdorStor to ship your parcel packages you ship through reputable leaders such as FedEx and UPS.


Have piece of mind over the security of your parcel packages.  iNdorStor is now offering receiving services through the Ship Center.  Ship your Amazon and other parcel packages directly to the experienced professionals at iNdorStor and never worry about the security of your front doorstep again. 

Want more details? Give the team at iNdorStor a call today!